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Disassembly, Inspect, Clean, Oil

How many times have we gone out to the range, had a good time, and then something came up before you could strip and clean your guns? We've all been there, Life happens. This is the service that every gun owner should perform at least once per year. We fully strip the firearm and perform a detailed inspection of all the mating surfaces, clean out any powder fouling and ensure there are no parts in need of replacement. The firearm is then oiled and ready for storage.

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Applying GunKote Firearms Finishes

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Mount and Bore-Sight Scope

We will mount a scope base, rings, and scope on any receiver that is already drilled and tapped for scope bases (if not drilled we also offer a drilling and tapping service at a very reasonable price).
The scope is mounted with the crosshairs level to the base to ensure that elevation adjustments track directly up and down and not at an angle for those longer distance shots where the shooter is dialing for elevation.

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Muzzle Threading for Brake

In this service we indicate the barrel bore to less than .0002" using a long stem dial indicator reading directly off the lands and grooves in the bore. This is the most accurate way to ensure that the last 2+ inches of the barrel's bore will be concentric with the muzzle threads and the mating shoulder on the barrel perfectly square. This is especially important for suppressor use as the slightest error can lead to a damaged suppressor and costly repairs.

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Rebarrel Rifle

First we remove the old barrel and then the new barrel is contoured, threaded, chambered and installed onto the customers action.
(Barrel Cost Extra)

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Rifle Pillar Bedding

The stocks action screw holes are drilled oversized to allow for custom made pillars to be fitted. These pillars are then epoxied in place ensuring that warping of the rifle stock while tightening the action screws is a non-issue.

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